A photo of me.

Hi, I'm Patrick

I'm a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science student at the Milwaukee School of Engineering with numerous diverse hands-on project experiences. I have worked with Java, Python, and Jupyter Notebook while in school. I also have done work with 3D printing and Linux.

Technical Skills


I started with Java my senior year of high school and scored a 5 on the AP exam for it. I kept using Java during my first year of college.


I first used Python at the start of my Freshman year to learn network protocols. I am getting more experience while learning about AI and Data Science during my studies at MSOE.

3D Printing

3D printing is something that has interested me since I first saw the one my middle school had. Once I got a job, the first thing I bought was a 3D printer.


My first Linux device was a Raspberry Pi that I got to play with a new operating system. After an SSD failure on my laptop, I installed Fedora on a new drive to replace Windows and have been using Linux distros on my personal laptops since. I also maintain a Fedora server for my family that runs Nextcloud and AdGuard Home.

Network Protocols

My first college computer science course was learning about network protocols. We learned how bits and bytes worked, and went into depth about popular protocols like HTTP, UDP, and TCP. We also touched a bit on transport encryption.

Data Structures

MSOE's course on data structures goes into the Java Collections Framework. I learned how many of the common collections worked internally and what their time complexities were. I also got to implement algorithms using different data structures and benchmark them to determine which was the fastest.

AI Tools

In my AI Tools class, I learned how to use Jupyter Notebook, along with Python data science tools like Matplotlib, Pandas, and Numpy. I also got live experience with a real HPC cluster hosted at MSOE.

Data Science

In my Introduction to Data Science class, I learned about the CRISP-DM process, and got to utilize the process in a project analyzing factors affecting student debt.

Software Tools & Process

In my Software Tools & Process class, I got practice working in a team using Scrum. I got experience with conflict resolution, planning work to be done in sprints with a team, and some ways to use Gitlab effectively.


A screenshot of a PLYS video.

Volumetric Video

A file format built for containing volumetric video. We are using the long existing PLY format at the core, allowing us to use point clouds made from volumetric cameras such as Kinects. We are also building tools to go with it using Java, JavaFX, and Godot. The final goal is to be able to record a video, encode it in our format, then stream it to an XR headset such as a North Star, Index, or HoloLens. This was developed in collaboration with Alex Lopez.

Project Details 
A screenshot from the Eye Encounters website.

Eye Encounters Website

I developed the website for a small eye care business in Naperville, IL.

A screenshot from the Boggle Search program.

Boggle Word Search

Solver for the game Boggle. It can solve large boards in seconds, and a CLI version is able to benchmark optimizations made for varying data structures.

Screenshot of AdGuard Home's admin UI

Self Hosted DNS

A personal instance of AdGuard Home that I can tune to my liking

Project Details 


B.S. of Computer Science at the Milwaukee School of Engineering

I am currently studying at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, with an expected graduation date in May of 2026. I am developing skills in programming through hands-on lab experiences.

Interests and Hobbies

A picture of me playing Saxophone with my high school's marching band.


I started playing Saxophone in 5th grade and still play now in college. Playing has been a fun experience for me, and I even got to do a world premier for a piece called "Alpenglow."

Picture of my 3D printer, an Ender 3 Pro.

3D Printing

I enjoy making 3D printed objects for friends, and have even contributed a small amount of code to Cura to speed up heating times with the Ender 3 Pro.